Masonry Staining

Permanent Brick Stain Solution

Our masonry staining solution in North Carolina for masonry restoration incorporates an innovative blend of 80 to 100 mesh mineral oxide pigments, a proprietary bonding agent, and an environmentally friendly carrier. This unique slurry is designed to deeply penetrate the brick's structure, establishing a permanent bond with the clay substrate.

Following application, the brick stain forms a chemical attachment to the masonry's pores. Due to the smaller size of the oxide molecules in comparison to the pores, moisture is not sealed in, and the masonry pores remain unclogged. These distinctive physical properties ensure the enduring nature of the brick stain, preserving the brick's original pore structure and, consequently, its durability.

Once the stained brick has dried, it neither seals the surface nor leaves behind any film, and it resists fading, peeling, or cracking. Our product exhibits excellent bonding capabilities with various masonry materials that possess absorbent properties, including brick, block, mortar, manufactured stone, natural stone, cast stone, and limestone, among others.

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